Management support

We provide support in the management of your activity, from people (recruiting staff, training),
to the processes (due diligence, management control budgeting, marketing),
to the production (internal design, menu planning)

Due diligence & Management control

The purpose of our due diligence is to get a complete picture of the company reality in order to verify its economic sustainability and pointing out any anomalies and critical issues. We create a strategic plan identifying the objectives to be achieved, managing and analyzing the results, so as to implement the most appropriate corrective measures.


One of the primary objectives of companies is to communicate the value of their brand in order to improve or consolidate its reputation, increasing sales and profits. Marketing is the key tool to achieve these goals. Our work consists in creating a strategic plan: concept development and brand identity, implementation and management of social networks, websites, events and offline communication campaigns.


We offer our consultancy to start up new businesses in every aspect of the process, from the design, development and logistics of operations.


We intervene in the redevelopment of your company activity already started, improving its management and optimizing the results.


Interior design

Internal design and organization of the space are just a few of the fundamental elements to obtain greater credibility and value of the concept, to improve the customer experience but also to make the work of the staff more effective and functional, with consequent positive effects on the income statement. We will develop the most appropriate project to achieve your business goals.

Menu development

The menu is the representation of your restaurant. We will develop the ideal proposal for your target, through the creation of recipes, food-cost, selection of suppliers and graphics.

Personnel selection

The staff contribute in an important way to the success of your business, managing the practical operation of the premises and customer relations. We will evaluate, reorganize and select the personnel in order to build up the best team

Training & scouting

Our proposal includes training activities, both in the framework of the European directive on school-work alternation and in the post-diploma phase.

We also provide training for your internal staff and talent scouting, with the aim of including highly qualified staff in the restaurants we work with.

Catering & Banqueting

We offer a high class catering and banqueting service, thanks to the experience of our contributors and of our chef Andrea Ribaldone. We create the perfect event for every occasion, from venues, to private dinners and corporate events