Arco srl

Arco is a F&B, catering and hospitality consulting company, founded in 2012 by chef Andrea Ribaldone and Salvatore Iandolino, that provides help both for start-ups and already-existing companies in upgrading, developing and running their businesses.

In particular, it provides support in:

  • activity analysis, due diligence. management control, interior design, creation of adequate food and wine proposals, management support
  • research, training and management of personnel
  • marketing

Arco guarantees professionalism and concrete results thanks to a network of selected partners

Our Team
Andrea Ribaldone

Andrea Ribaldone, half from Milan and half from Piedmont region, started in career with Riccardo Aiachini, founder of the restaurant La Fermata of Alessandria, considered his master of life and work by the chef. In 2003 he obtained his first Michelin Star.

After working with the famous French chef Alain Senderens in Paris at the Lucas Carton restaurant and being executive chef of Eataly Tokyo, in 2012 he founded ARCO srl, a management company in the restaurant industry and, in 2014, opened the I Due Buoi restaurant in Alessandria, awarded with the Michelin Star in December 2015. During Expo Milano 2015 he managed the Identità Expo San Pellegrino restaurant, in collaboration with Magenta Bureau.

From 2016 he coordinates, in collaboration with Domenico Schingaro, the six restaurants of Borgo Egnazia in Puglia, among the best places of hospitality in Italy and, in March 2017, he left Alessandria for the Langhe area, epicenter of Italian food culture, and opened up Osteria Arborina in the village Annunziata of La Morra, rated “Best performance of the year” by the Guide de l’Espresso of the Restaurants of Italy 2018 and awarded with the Michelin Star just nine months from the opening. He then began his consultancy with Ristorante Lino in Pavia.

Since September 2018 he has been in charge of the cuisine of Identità Golose Milano, the first international restaurant hub.

Salvatore iandolino

Salvatore, born in 1973, graduated in Agricultural Sciences with a Master in International Cooperation and in Executive Hotel Management. From 2005 to 2012 he was responsible for the tourism and promotion of typical products for the Province of Alessandria.

In 2012 he founded, together with Andrea Ribaldone, Arco srl. Since 2012 he has been working alongside Andrea Ribaldone in all the company’s consultancy and restaurant management activities (JSH Group, Hotel Alli Due Buoi Rossi in Alessandria, I Due Buoi Restaurant, Hotel Marepineta Resort, Ristorante Lino).

In 2015, for the entire period of the Milan Universal Exposition, he coordinated the assignment of F&B services obtained by Arco srl for the operational management of Identità Expo San Pellegrino restaurant.

In the same year he founded JAR, a company specializing in restaurant management which is headed by the Arborina tavern (Michelin star since 2017).

From 2018 he participates in the establishment of the management company of Identità Golose Milano and takes care of the Identità Formazione Milano project.

Davide Dutto

Davide Dutto  is a professional photographer since 1982, he moves in the balance between art and craft through all the areas of photography.

Today his work unfolds in an attempt to transfer emotions, as if he wanted, with a click, steal the soul from his subjects and then return it through the images.

Photographs that recount physical places and the soul, where the eye often intertwines with life

Luigi Barberis

Physique du role and mixology in his blood, owner of Caffè degli Artisti in Alessandria and Caffè dei Mercanti in Acqui Terme. Mixology, bartending and drink list consultant.

Latest collaborations: Ristorante Lino Pavia, Identità Golose Milano.

Marketing Manager
Giovanna Navassa

Giovanna Navassa, born in 1987, during her studies in Law and International Relations, began her experience in the field of communication as editor-in-chief of the F&B section of an online luxury lifestyle magazine.

In 2014 she worked for the Italian Institute of Culture in San Francisco (California) dealing with online and offline marketing, social media and organization of cultural events.

In 2015 she specialized in social media management by the offices of the European Commission in Milan and, in the same year, she founded the brand CJPFood in collaboration with the British chef Charles Pearce for the organization of food events, consulting and private cheffing.

In 2018 she provided marketing consultancy for the opening of a new restaurant in Barcelona (La Cocina Sitges).

From October 2018 she started her collaboration with Arco srl.